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"Developing a Sustainable GIS"

Question asked by bytesizedgurl on May 19, 2015
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Developing a Sustainable GIS

I read an article in ArcUser "Developing a Sustainable GIS" in which it explains what perceived as some sort of industry trend to use out of the box solutions in order to stay in business. Fundamentally, from my perspective, I don't think this is wise to follow such trends.


Caution - I'm a Techie...not a Bean Counter

Being that I come from the open source community (10+ years) it would seem to me, this off the shelf proprietary solutions "trend" is not necessarily the best solution for enterprise applications. I'm not a bean counter though so maybe it does keep the paychecks rolling in. I do own my own llc and have worked in diverse industries and pretty much have a good understanding of overall business concepts that bean counters use all the time (even created a cost benefit analysis app for a client).


The Organizations are Not Typically the Same

I feel, most enterprise applications are going to have to have some customization as not ALL organizations within a particular industry have the same needs. Sure, we can find all the similar needs but sometimes this is going to be necessary to give them customization.


My Mantra - Old Skool Full LAMP Stack Dev - Designer - UI/UX - Engineer - Architect - WhatchamacallUs

I try to make all my applications and solutions such my client is happy. If they want something (as long as it isn't off the wall) then I do it. I make it happen. If they want to keep a cms in which I can't even find to download the 1980s version 0.1 beta version that they have been running for several years, I hack it and make the thing work as best I can and then enhance it on top of that.