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How to disable "Loading ..." between simpleloader.js and init.js

Question asked by david.plume on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by david.plume

Following up on my recent post ( Web App Start-up with Validation and Bailout if Need Be, two weeks ago ) I'm wrestling with the "Loading ..." process that seems to have captured any screen dialog events preventing interaction with my dialog.  See below.


The following code, in my WAB index.html follows the pattern recommended by Larry Stout and has been tested in a work bench/prototype environment.


In this implementation, the dialog shows correctly but is not active (see graphic below).  This is an ExtJS 3.4 Window and I've the same problem with a JQuery Dialog.  A simple alert(), however does display active above the "Loading ..."


I've looked high an low for an appropriate place to intercept the Loading and override it but no luck -- any suggestions would be welcome!



The form dialog shows but the Loading ... graphic continues and seems to prevent any interaction with the form: