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Data Optimization: A few large or many small polygons

Question asked by msubeer on May 18, 2015
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I would like to know the communities thoughts on a question...


I intend to push out a dynamic map service that will likely have 5000+ hits daily.  This data contains polygons roughly 1 sq. mi in size, distributed across a State.  These polygons typically contain many vertices and I want to optimize this layer to draw quickly.  All other things being equal, would it be best to dissolve the polygons into a few Large polygons or maintain the polygons in their current form? 


The reason I ask is because I am not sure how Arc Server pushes out data to the view extent of a web map.  If the data is dissolved into one large parcel, my initial thought was that it would draw more quickly, but maybe that is not the case.  Does ArcServer need to load the entire large polygon, even if the majority is out of the map view?  If that is the case, then a request to display many more smaller polygons may be a better solution, gathering and rendering items that are limited to the map view.