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Empty Geometry Problem on Arcgis Server & AGOL

Question asked by bbirbo2008 on May 19, 2015



We run into a pretty wired bug while editing a line layer on AGOL map.


The environment:

Geodatabase on SQL server 2012 with a line featureclass (using GEOMETRY config setting, so we can see the geometries on SQL server managment studio as well, for troubleshooting). On this feature class, we have enabled the following MUSTs for the syncing process : GlobalID, Archiving, Attachments, and Editor Tracking.

We have published that Feature Class as a Feature Service on our own ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 with sync enabled.

We have a Web Adapter 10.2.2 in front of the ArcGIS Server. (HTTPS)

We have created a Map on AGOL and have been able to add, edit, and delete features.


The problem:

When we draw a self intersecting line on AGOL, it gets written to the geodatabase, but then the AGOL failed to refresh the layer.

On ArcGIS server we found

Error: The operation was attempted on an empty geometry.

The funny thing is that the GP tools for Geometry Check and Geometry Repair, only work on Shape files, Personal gdbs. and File gdbs.

So currently there is no way to automatically detect these geometries. (or is it ?)



We optically found this line from SQL managment studio spatial viewer and deleted that ROW. and then the layer was working fine.

See the attachment


Is this a BUG?

How do we make sure that it doesn't happen in the future, because the user of the map can freely draw anything he likes, and once he does it will cause the whole layer to fail.


Thanks in advance.