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Raster image coloration issues in ArcMap. Advice?

Question asked by pierre.dillon on May 19, 2015
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I am having issues with the coloration of .tiff rater aerial photos in ArcMap and I am not sure why it’s happening.

The image files are georeferenced aerial photo tiles that should all match in color but they don’t. When viewed in ArcMap the tile appear bleached out. Some tiles are more bleached out than others which is the real issues because I can’t compensate for the defence in colored between the tiles using the Stretch tool under Symbology in the Layer Properties.


If I do apply a specific stretch to all the tiles, example Minimum-Maximum, I can still see a difference between the tiles.


I don’t think it’s caused by the raster images data because when opened individually in Windows Photo Viewer, all the tiles match in color.

I also opened the tiles in QuantumGIS (Free GIS software) and QIS opened them perfectly with the right colors and with all the tiles matching.


I added a screen capture for people to see.

QGIS vs. ArcMap.png


Does anyone know how to solve this problem in ArcMap?

I can live with the tiles being belched out (that can be fixed with stretch) but not the difference color. That is a big issue.


Thanks in advice for any help or advice.