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Can't use lookup function and cant create uniques values

Question asked by Ditlev on May 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Ditlev

Hey everyone.

I am using a Field from a raster dataset in raster calculator. Because this field is not selected by Default, I have to use the lookup function to make the program select this field.

I type the following in raster calculator.


"Perc_fores" is a long integer that I have created and this is the field that I need for my analysis. However, this gives an error in the look up function.


When I try the same for the "Count" field so written as below:


, then it works fine.


But if I try on the "Value"


, then it doesn't work either.


I have checked that everything is correctly spelled and so on. What can the reason for this be? I have used the lookup function a thousand times and it has always worked.


Thank you very much.

best regards

Ditlev Reventlow.