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Hotspot map for FOG (Food, Oil, Grease) inspectors

Question asked by RGerasim on May 14, 2015

I recently inherited mapping sewer overflows in hopes of identifying where to send inspectors to restaurants and other FOG (Food, Oil, Grease) locations for inspection. The person who did this previously identified all the sewer segments with incidents of 1 or greater, isolated just those segments, found the midpoint, and then did a count field (some segments have multiple incidents). He then used Kernel Density to come up with a raster image but in running the Hot Spot Analysis, and showing the incident count numbers on each sewer line, the resulting raster doesn't match up.

What I think is needed is 1) clustering of sewer incidents and 2) problem areas - sewers sections that have had multiple sewer incidents. Would this be two different analysis?

The result would be a map showing the areas of concern and then a spatial query of FOG areas to send our inspectors out.

Any help/suggestions appreciated, I've been reading and watching the tutorials but am a bit confused as to what to use or to combine analysis.

(I'm just getting back to using ArcGIS after using GeoMedia for the last 9 years)