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Disconnected Mode Version Issue

Question asked by boyle.matt on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by STompsett-esristaff

We are testing out disconnected mode with Collector and it seems to work well except for one issue.  The version that gets created when downloading for disconnected mode will not delete when running the reconcile versions tool.  We will continually get an error that says the version can't be deleted because it has dependent child versions.  In order to delete the version, I either have to manually delete the version through the Geodatabase Administration or remove the affected rows in the sde_versions table.


A few notes...


1) When I run the reconcile versions tool, I'm using our admin account which can delete any version

2) This is a simple setup, with only the DEFAULT version and the disconnected version as a child off DEFAULT, see screenshot below.


3) Below is a screenshot of the sde_versions table after data has been synced at the end of the day and the downloaded data has been removed from the device.



I'm curious how to resolve this issue or if anyone has encountered the same problem...?  Is there some step I'm missing that should be part of our end-of-day workflow to weed out the disconnected version from being a parent to syncs?  Do I have to manually un-register the replica that gets created as part of the disconnected mode process?


Any ideas / thoughts / suggestions are appreciated!