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Alternatives to Panning

Question asked by KevinT on May 14, 2015
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I am currently working on data clean up and am removing small slivers and errors within a polygon dataset. These are generally very small and am at scale of 1:100. I have been attempting to work at this scale while using the pan to to click and drag along polygon extents to remove overlaps, gaps etc using the topology tool and editor tools.


After doing this for a while the repetitive motion of having to pan such long distances has become over bearing. Trying to switch to using the arrow keys to pan, clicking the holding the scroll wheel or holding Q to roam were an obvious option to turn to. Holding control can speed up this process but all of these functions break arc map. The topology tool becomes locked and will no longer recognize layers and the trace tool in the editor window becomes locked to a fixed location on the map and will no longer trace the borders of polygons. Since these are the main tools I am using it defeats what I am trying to do. Arc map must be completely closed and reopend before the tools become functional again, ending the editor mode is not sufficient to reset the tools. If this is not enough these other methods to pan all cause visual glitches and the duplication of what ever is on the screen. This also requires arc map to be closed to be removed.


Though this method of removing these errors is tedious and time consuming it allows for the visual interpretation of what is wrong and the appropriate decision of what to do can be verified by orthographic imagery. A blanket solution of inclusion or exlusion along polygon extents could introduce new errors. Does anyone else get these issues when preforming a similar task and do these other panning alternatives all not function for you? I am an need of a solution to break the repetative motion of having to pan by click and drag. Unfortunately if I was more familiar with coding in arcmap I could attempt to create a solution.


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