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Story Map not loading

Question asked by kpa08c on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by kpa08c

I've made a sequential, place-based narrative story map. I've already made one before, and it displays everything properly. This time, I did the same thing; downloaded the zip file, followed the directions, created my points of interest in the CSV, uploaded it to a publicly shared map on ArcGIS Online, and then uploaded all the files in the zip folder to iPage, my work place's hosting site of choice, and when I try to view it, the loading circle doesn't stop spinning. I've tried re-downloading the codes, icons, everything, to make sure there was nothing corrupted in the folder. I just can't get it to load, and whoever wrote the code didn't use proper indentation, so it's almost impossible to really read through "every line" of code to see what's wrong. Any ideas on what could be preventing this story map from loading?