IMapAlgebraOp comma decimal separator, application locale

Discussion created by agray1 on Nov 4, 2010
I have a problem with the IMapAlgebraOp when the expression contains commas such as:
pMapAlgebraOp.Execute( "con([R4] == 0,0,float([R3]) / float([R4]))")

The code expression works fine if I have the locale set to english (decimal separator is a period.)  With a french locale the decimal separator is a comma and the code fails with a parsing error (run from an icommand in arcmap.) 
I am using  If I clone the application culture, change the decimal separator to a period in the number format of the culture and change the culture of the thread, the code works.  However this is a huge kluge and I was hoping someone had come up with something better. Perhaps something I could do on the expression to override the system locale.