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LocalRouteTask - RoutingParameters and Result

Question asked by lyap8408 on May 13, 2015

Hi, I am using LocalRouteTask on ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET, 10.2.5. Following are some questions about the RoutingParameters and Results


1) routingParameters.ReturnRoutes:

Based on the documentation, directions should still be returned if this parameter was set to false. Based on my observation - no routes were ever returned if this property were set to false. Ie. RouteResult.Routes.Count() == 0, so there is no way to even retrieve the directions. Is this a bug?


2) routingParameters.IgnoreInvalidLocations:

I am assuming the following behaviour if I had set this property to true...:


Define Stops A, B, and C.

A route is possible between stops A and B, while there is no possible route for any combination involving stop C. So setting this property to True should find me a route between stops A and B. Based on observation, no routes was returned if I had submitted the 3 stops together. Not even with FindBestSequence=true. Is this a bug?


3) Returned result: RouteDirection.Event, DirectionsEvent class. Not quite sure what kind of data DirectionsEvent contains, as my network routing analysis does not return any data for this property, would like to be enlighten on this property and class.


Thanks in advance!