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Get request address within server geoprocessing job

Question asked by StevenHas on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by StevenHas

I'm wanting to know if a server arcpy geoprocessing job has any awareness of the url it was requested by, or what web adapter instance it is running on.


Let say I want a geoprocessing script that will stop all running mapserver instances on its server, and I want to deploy this same script across multiple servers, each with different web adaptors


To stop the services I need to get an admin token from the server it is running on.


So given the two servers below, is it possible to have the same gp task published on each of them, know what server to request the token from? Without explicitly passing it in as parameter of the job.


I'm thinking something like

arcpy.env.server.hostname ==

arcpy.env.server.instance == arcgisONE


so it could construct   to request the required token