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How many layers can a map in ESRI support

Question asked by albertpaulraj on May 12, 2015
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This is Albert Paulraj. I am new to this forum and ESRI. I have been googling the question and the answers haven't been convincing.

Hence I decided to reach out to experts. I have very limited knowledge on layers and my question may come out silly.


Let's say I have a base map. Now I want to enhance this map by adding different data sets (layers). Example I have a city map. I want to add weather data set (layer 1), topography data set (layer 2), population density data set (layer 3), etc.

How many layers can I add to a map in ESRI ArcGIS. Is it 10, 100 or unlimited? Though I want to add say 100, when I visualize the data I may decide to focus on anywhere from 4-6 layers, but I do not want all the layers to be loaded in one map so that I can analyze any combination of layers as I decide to.


Thanks for your assistance. Also, if you could please point to a  ESRI document that describes the limits on layers that will be very helpful.