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Re: Units when adding surface elevation to polylines

Question asked by ThePinkGeologist on May 12, 2015
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I needed slope information for some polyline sections, and after adding surface information to the file and calculating total slope, I find that the result does not seem to match what was previously measures at one of the sites (my test section).


Now, I know the z values are in meters. They come from the National Map Project DEM file I used for the surface data. I would assume the "Shape_Le_1" is as well ... but that doesn't make sense when I convert to feet and take the slope. Where would ArcMap source those units from?


The overall data frame units for the layer are decimal degrees ... but the length can't be in decimal degrees because the values would be tiny.


I tried changing the data frame units to "feet" but still have the same values when I add surface data.


How can I be sure where these units are sourced from and what they are? 


(I am a novice user so this is probably a ridiculous question but I have to be 100% about the units)