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Parts of raster disappear

Question asked by on May 12, 2015
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I am cross posting this here because i was recommended to do so.


Set up:

I have created a raster mosaic in ArcGIS 10.2.2 of georeferenced  .tif aerial photographs. size is about 9.5 Gigs uncompressed, and the tif's are 1 band,16 bit that I converted from MrSIDs in ArcMap. I have defined and built overviews, created pyramids and stats, seamlines and blended along the seamline for mosaic method. This is everything that I normally do to make a Raster Mosaic in a fgdb and never had this issue before.

so here is my question:

When I'm at full extent the image is fine, as I zoom in parts of the raster disappear(not checkerboard-ing just white background) and as I move the image different parts will appear or disappear. The pattern changes depending on which mosaicking method I select. I have found a work around but I would rather not lose any data by exporting the mosaic as new raster. Any suggestions or possible solutions?


Please see the linked original post for some solutions that i have already tried.

Thank you in advance



Parts of raster disappear