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WebApp Builder / Flex Viewer - Problem with Postal Code / ZIP Codes

Question asked by Thomas_Gis_Roth on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Thomas_Gis_Roth

Hello Community,


since the beginning of my work with Flex as well as with the new WebAppBuilder i have a problem with the representation of postal codes / ZIP code within the PopUp.


My shapefile was created within ArcGIS. I had points and joined some information to them. The information from an external table also included Postal Codes. After the table join everything looks fine in ArcGIS.


An Example: Postal Code as shown and stored within my shp-file: 91126


Now my problem:


Within Flex Viewer as well as within the WAB my postal code is reformated:


Within Flex the example Postal Code changes to: 91.126  (the option to use 1000-seperator within the pop up configurator is off)


Within WAB the example Postal Code changes to: 91.126,00


Where can i define the representation of fields including a number? I do not want to change the field in a string field.


Does anyone have any experience and maybe a solution to the shown problem?


Best regards and thank you in advice,