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Downloading from Services

Question asked by burwelbo on May 12, 2015



I have created a number of cataloging services that I have enable downloading. For example, I created an elevation service, scanned maps, etc.. I have also created a Landsat service for all of the different types of Landsat imagery we have. We have acquired Landsat MSS,TM ETM and Landsat 8. The earlier data types (MSS,TM) were merge into single IMG files containing all the bands. The Landsat 7 and Landsat 8 imagery was directly loaded into their own source mosic datasets using the meta data. Basically, it merges the bands within the mosaic dataset. My next step was to created a catalog of all the Landsat data. I created an empty mosaic dataset and used the table option to load the imagery. I then created a service where I enabled downloading. The process worke for the other services but not as well for the Landsat service. When I try to download the MSS and TM data, it works. When I try to download the source data for the ETM and Landsat 8, I get a message that says "Failed to retrieve the download files list for the request". I am running 10.3 desktop but 10.2.2 Arcserver. I am thinking that could be the problem but it doesn't explain why it doesn't work for Landsat 7, which was available in earlier versions.



Bruce Burwell

Saudi Aramco