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Converting Radar DN to Backscatter

Question asked by Venusian on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Venusian

Hello everyone!


I'm working with Venusian Magellan radar, and I need to convert the pixels from DN values into radar backscatter coefficients (Sigma-naught).  I attempted to use the Radar Calibration Function, but it would seem that the particular function only works for RADARSAT-2 data.  I encountered the following error:  "The function could not be inserted.  The input or output arguments are invalid."


I was wondering if anyone else has devised a way to convert radar DN pixels into backscatter through other methods.


The equation I require, specifically for Magellan data, is as follows:


Sigma Nought = 100.1[–20+(DN–1)/5]*[(0.0118 cos(phi+0.5))/[sin(phi+0.5)+0.111 cos(phi+0.5)]^3]


where phi is the incidence angle, dependent on latitude, but ultimately will be sourced from a table.


Any suggestions?


Thank you!