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Removing maps without removing basemaps in 10.3

Question asked by Hjmcea on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by Hjmcea

I recently updated my  iPad Collector app to 10.3 and have discovered that the "manage" option now requires me to delete both the map layers and the basemap when I remove a map.  Is there any other way to keep the basemap while removing the map layers? 


My fieldwork in Alaska covers broad expanses, so I have been using two basemaps for every collection site: one as an overview basemap for all collection sites, and one as a detailed high resolution basemap for individual sites.  With 10.3, I now have to keep dozens of maps on my iPad, whereas with 10.2 I used a single map to download basemaps and then kept each basemap while removing the map layers - a cumbersome process in itself, but the only workaround I have found in light of ESRI's basemap size restrictions.


I am working on obtaining a tile package to sideload, but high resolution imagery for my region is not currently readily available to use in a tile package.