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Can a table belong to multiple Relationship Classes?

Question asked by WarrenMedernach on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by WarrenMedernach

Hello all,

I have a point feature class (FC_a) and a table (TBL_a) participating in a relationship class.  The relationship is a 1:M relationship where a single point in FC_a relates to multiple records in TBL_a.  The relationship is setup using GlobalIDs so that we can enable offline data collection with Collector and this is working perfect, and it's great to be able to collect related data offline!


I have another feature class (FC_b) that contains subtlety different point information, but, it requires the exact same related data.


My question is, can I simply create another relationship class between FC_b and TBL_a?  Because the relationships are based on GlobalIDs, I'm thinking this should be possible?  I'm going to setup a test environment to test this out but thought I would ask the question...

Thanks for any insight/suggestions.