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GEO tool required to extract state city town data from map

Question asked by on May 11, 2015
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I am developing a media portal and I am trying to define the circulation / broadcast area for the media (newspapers/magazines/radio/television) and extract states/cities/towns within the defined area to our database. This will enable users to search for media in specific regions/cities/towns.


Please see the following example.



You can also see the following link of a company that has developed something very similar to what I need. However, their app returns all listed properties in an area where mine needs to return all regions/cities and towns. But the tool is exactly what I need. See


As a quick solution, I would like to run a geoprocessing service within a web app, it's a pretty simple GIS task (select all points that fall within a defined area). If you know the circulation area (polygons) of each media, then querying the database to find all city points that fall within specific polygons is just a SQL statement or geoprocessing tool (select by location) away.


Also, we need to setup what size of town (based on population/area/etc.) if that data is available.

Furthermore, the user must be able to define several areas on the map and we need to limit user to specific country.

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