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Safari Browser, Tile Services, and GPS functionality Problem

Question asked by N0rthstarCSD on May 11, 2015
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We've had a publicly facing webmap for years that includes a tile service.


We have a QR code on one of our maps, which the public scans and opens our map in a mobile browser.


Problem is - the tile service fails at any time that the GPS button is employed.  The map gets stuck on the current tile and will not load any other tiles.  This happens on iPhones regardless of browser.  Tried also on Android with the same result.   Works fine on ipads since it opens in the AGOL mode, instead of the stripped down iphone mode.


Our maps worked great for a few years, but this problem has been happening for a year or more now.


Attached is a video showing this behavior (14mb).    Also - i've tried it using different tile services to test, with the same result.


Thanks for any ideas or help!


Northstar CSD