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Auto-execute steps in Parent – Child Jobs in Workflow Manager

Question asked by kaoliver on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by alison_ott

We are currently upgrading our implementation of Workflow Manager and are exploring the use of Parent-Child jobs.  While we have easily set up auto-creating a child job, we are having trouble getting the child job to auto-execute as we would have expected.



Job “A” creates a workflow with a series of steps.  The last step in the workflow uses the Developer Sample step “CreateChildJobsAdvanced” to create a child (Job “B”).


Job “B” – Within the Job Type parameters, the Workflow is set to “Auto-execute workflow upon job creation”.  The first step of this workflow uses the step “ExecuteSQL”.  The step is set to “Automatically execute when reached”.



1.       Job A is created and steps completed.

2.       At the last step of Job A, the CreateChildJobsAdvanced is executed.

3.       Job B is created successfully as a child of Job A.

4.       The first step of Job B does not automatically execute when the job was created.


Further information to the above.. If we create a new job of type "Job B" (not a child of Job A), the first step auto-executes as intended.  It appears to be not executing when the job is creating via a step in the parent job.


Has anyone else been successful with a similar set up?  Thanks!