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Image service Service Definition thumbnail.PNG is actually a JPEG...

Question asked by adnovadynamo on May 8, 2015

I'm receiving a file from 10.3 arc catalog which is an image service and has the extension .sd.  My problem is, if I go to the thumbnail.png file located in that .sd file I can't load it up in linux. On closer inspection, its not a PNG file at all. Its actually a .JPG.  That explains why my operating system cant open it.  Is this some sort of bug? 


I have an application that fails to handle image service SD files because it fails when ingesting the thumbnail.png. Its due to the contentType of the file being reported as  "image/png" when in its truly "image/jpg". So is there some option buried in 10.3 arc catalog that causes this? Try creating an image service from a tiff and you will see what I mean.  What is the fix for this?