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Some questions aboutTransform coordinates from:

Question asked by dllamasgmtgis-esridist Employee on May 8, 2015



I’m trying to figure out in ArcGIS 10.3:

Transform coordinates from:

  NAD1983(86) to NAD 1983(2011)2010.00, units: meters

  WGS84(G1150) or ITRF00 to NAD83(2011)2010.00

  NAD1983(CORS96) to NAD83(2011)2010.00, units: meters

The StatePlane zone is PR_USVI


For example: if I have a dataset in which CRS is EPSG:32161 (NAD83(86)), meters

Which one is the correct transformation method?

What is the purpose of each of those in the list?

ArcGIS does not have NAD83(CORS96) for PR_VI. Why?



Thank you for your help!