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Looking to set pixel or click tolerance for InfoTemplate

Question asked by ipeebles on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by timw1984

Good morning.  I currently have an application that contains a nice InfoTemplate, which appears when you click on a feature layer.  Is there a way to set the click tolerance for the InfoTemplate?  I did not find anything in the API Reference.


InfoTemplate | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


When clicking on the map, you have to be right on the center of the point.  I am wanting to increase the click tolerance in pixels.  Here is a sample from the application and some code.




The code behind the InfoTemplate:


var infoTemplate = new InfoTemplate();

infoTemplate.setTitle("GPS Monument - ${STATION_NAME}");

infoTemplate.setContent("<b>Description: </b>${DESCRIPTION}<br/><br/>" +

         "<b>Location: </b>${LOCATION}<br/><br/>" +

         "<b>Specific Location: </b>${SPECIFIC_LOCATION}<br/><br/>" +

         "<b>Northing: </b>${NORTHING}<br/>" +

         "<b>Easting: </b>${EASTING}<br/>" +

         "<b>MSL Elevation: </b>${MSL_ELEVATION}<br/>" +

          "<b>Status: </b>${STATUS}<br/>" +

         "<b>Data Sheet: <a href= ${HYPERLINK} target=_blank ;'>Click for Document</a><br><br>");




Any ideas on how to increase the click tolerance?  Thank you!