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Search results (attributes & shapes) not visible in Enhanced Search Widget - WAB

Question asked by agebhart_johnsoncounty on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by agebhart_johnsoncounty

Can Robert Scheitlin or anybody else provide some assistance for my problem?


I have configured the eSearch widget to search for things such as voting precincts or zoning districts from a dropdown list. I have accomplished this using the following settings:



When I run the search I get results, but the attributes are not visible in the results tab.  I have configured specific attributes from that dataset to appear in said tab.  However, you can see below they do not appear.


I have set up other searches in this same widget, such as those for parcel number or site address, that work properly in terms of returning the results in the results tab.  These searches do not include the use of unique values or dropdowns though as the user must enter the information.  


Does anybody see something that is preventing the results from appearing in the results tab?  Here are more screenshots of my configuration.  FYI, all of these settings match the settings for the other searches that do return attributes in the results tab.  Note: The search URL will be repopulated in my configuration.



Attached is config_EnhancedSearch.json from my app.  Look for the "Precincts" and "Zoning" searches.