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M for a XYZ polyline

Question asked by fallingdog on May 7, 2015
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The situation:


Visualize holes in a pipe as they change over time. We have the date of the hole changes and two M values for each hole grouping, one for the start of the interval and one for the end. Then we have a polyline Z for the pipe that the hole intervals should be visualized on based on the M interval values.


The problem:


I am having some problems getting M on my polyline Z. It looks like it is treating polyline Z as a polyline. I have looked around on the web and not found much on the M and Z at the same time. This post looks like it has a solution, but I have not had any luck with it.


How to Add Measure / Station Values to Pipelines in ArcMap


Some of my co-workers have suggested that it may be necessary to calculate M outside of arc (Excel, or python) and then push that back into the FC vertices.