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Creating polygon areas/ parcels from inconsistent CAD data

Question asked by Paul.Bushnell on May 7, 2015



I have some high accuracy CAD data which unfortunately does not make consistent polygons. What I want to do is create parcel polygons from this data using a selection of the CAD layers (or imported GIS features). I am not sure whether this is possible but there appears to be a collection of connected (or nearly connected) cad layers which can define boundaries if I can make polygons out of them. Ideally I want to divide the whole area into parcels.


I can import the CAD layers as GIS features ok. They come in generally as small lines which touch or nearly touch. What I want to do is losely group together the lines of certain types to create parcel boundaries, Ideally lines which are within say 0.5 m of each other should be treated as one line to simplify the number of boundaries.


Hope this makes some sense and someone can give me a pointer.