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This is some comments that were made on one of my widgets that were a bit off topic but rather then deleting them I move them here to a new discussion.



Kevin MacLeod May 7, 2015 10:55 AM (in response to Robert Scheitlin, GISP)


Hi Robert,

I went to send you a personal said I was not connected? I don't see how to connect to you unless that means you follow me? I did Endorse you though.



Sol  Wuensch May 7, 2015 11:13 AM (in response to Kevin MacLeod)


Kevin MacLeod unfortunately both users have to follow each other in order to communicate privately...


the work around was creating a private or secret group, but that functionality was hosed by the recent spam attacks.  Everyone can just follow each other, but be aware then you will receive all updates and possibly emails depending on your GeoNet settings.



Barnaby Rockwell May 7, 2015 11:22 AM (in response to Sol Wuensch)


Hi Sol,


I don't like that functionality.  There should be an easier and better way to PM on GeoNet.  This "following" business impedes that, and is unnecessary IMO.  Each user should have ability in Prefs to disable PMs entirely, or to ignore PMs from one or more specific users (including spammers).


And while I'm at it, there should be a way to link to specific GeoNet posts.  Right now, I don't see how to copy the url of a specific post so that I can refer users back to that post.






Kevin MacLeod May 7, 2015 11:21 AM (in response to Sol Wuensch)


My recommendation for ESRI would be to consider letting everyone message anyone. No following required.  I am guessing that is not allowed currently because of spam unfortunately? Maybe put in a CAPTCHA...



Sol  Wuensch May 7, 2015 11:36 AM (in response to Barnaby Rockwell)


Yep.  I have said that for some time now.  The following and messaging functionality was that way from the beginning, spammers were not a result of that.  They just caused the workaround for messaging 'non connections' to go away (creating private groups).  Maybe spammers have dampened the chances of communication without connecting first though, we should at least be able to request a 'connection' privately instead of publically asking others to follow us so we can message them in private... I know they are aware of these issues and working on solutions to them.  It's just hard to be patient, for me at least...


I believe you should be able to copy the title of a post or the web link and it should hyperlink to the post in your response.  Can you try that and let us know if that doesn't work for you?


Robert Scheitlin, GISP - Sorry did not mean to turn this into another GeoNet rant...  Will delete the comments...





Sol  Wuensch May 7, 2015 11:49 AM (in response to Kevin MacLeod)


Not sure how much spammers have to do with breaking private messaging.  CAPTCHA never worked with them anyway because they were using actual people to push spam.


The prior/initial work around (private discussions) was eliminated because GeoNet users could not figure out where to post their content and moderators could not do anything with the content once it got posted to their own personal space.  From my understanding the limitations with the JIVE platform could not prevent users from posting in their own space and keep the private message options.


The Link below explains when and why that change happened better than I can.


Changes coming to where you post content on GeoNet


Will I be able to access my private discussion content (Specific People)?


As the original poster of the private discussion you will still be able to access existing private discussions. You will just not be able to create new private discussions.


Then when the spammers started creating a whole lot of groups, the next workaround for communicating with others was then eliminated.  I'm trust they are working hard on providing a solution and in time it will get better...



Robert Scheitlin, GISP May 7, 2015 11:48 AM (in response to Sol Wuensch)



   Normally I would say don't worry about it, as I would just split this conversation out to a new discussion, since it is off topic, but in documents like this I don't have the ability to split something out into a new discussion.



Sol Wuensch May 7, 2015 11:53 AM (in response to Robert Scheitlin, GISP)


Yeah, I realized that this was your own personal document after replying the first time from my inbox.  I'm sorry for derailing your document and discussion.  My initial comment was only intended to help him understand how the PMs & following works.


I will delete my comments and the discussion once the others have had a chance to read it.  I was wondering if you can delete the comments yourself?



Barnaby Rockwell May 7, 2015 12:26 PM (in response to Sol Wuensch)




I think your comments are great, and I wish they could be moved to a new thread rather than be deleted...

And, yes, thanks to you I have discovered that the date/time link at the top of every post includes the link to that post.  Thanks for the heads-up!