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Question asked by imgooch on May 7, 2015
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I'm having trouble getting a topology, or geometric network, to work the way I want it to and I was hoping someone had a suggestion.


I have a sewer line layer, a manhole point layer, and another point layer that is connections to that sewer.  I created a geometric network so that when I move a manhole (to update accuracy in field) the line moves with it.  The lines have endpoints or vertices at each manhole only, not at each connection.  The problem is that when I move something, the connections do not move with it.  Adding the connections to the geometric network creates vertices there and that doesn't work since the line from 1 manhole to another is a straight no vertices in between. 


My next attempt was to replicate the data in the network and create a topology that would (hopefully) show me, or fix, all of the connections that are not snapped to the lines.  After that I could then synchronize the replica back.  The problem is that the only rule I found that makes any sense for this issue is "point must be covered by line", but that moves the line and creates a vertex at every connection (i apparently have many un-snapped connections already without having moved any manholes yet).  I want to move the connection to the line and have no vertex.  Is this possible?


Any other options for doing this?