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I would like some help regarding energy consumption mapping

Question asked by mjw1989 on May 6, 2015
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Hello everyone,



Im fairly new to GIS and i have tried to figure out what i want to do on my own, and using the helpdesk. But i have come to a complete stop in my progress.



What i want to do is to include onto a map data that i have on electricity and gas consumption, although with a very high temporal resolution. eg. a measurement every 15 minuts of every day over the course of al whole year. I would like to use the time series visualiser on this as well.


I have this data on 60 buildings (currently in seperate files), and i want to be able to visualise this data by bar graps on top of every single building polygon. Or in such a way that i can easily see what the consumption is at a specific time.



The basemap that i have made is a shapefile with the roof area of every building, and various attributes identifying the building. I know i should be able to create a join between the data tables i have and the shapefile that i have. However i cannot seem to get the data for seperate buildings displayed. It has been really frustrating... I have tried to combine all excel files into a single geodatabase, but if i join the two it does not destinguish between seperate buildings or keeps all required data. It only keeps the same amount of data as there are attributes in the basemap, so the basis of my join has been wrong.. But i do not know how to fix it.


I hope this explains my problem a bit but i hope we can start a discussion on this subject.


Thanks alot for taking the time to read this, hopefully you can help me.