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Publishing GP service is very slow

Question asked by jon.morris on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by jon.morris

I'm trying to publish a simple python script as a GP service, but Desktop (10.2.1) grinds to a halt when I click Analyze. It does finish eventually, but takes over an hour. It's not a problem connecting to the server, as I can publish map services ok and access the server otherwise. Also, there is no network activity on my machine while Arcmap is not responding, so the problem is definitely internal to the Arcmap process.


I have been through all the steps in Troubleshooting Slow Performance in ArcGIS Desktop | Support Services Blog, rebooted my machine, run a repair of my ArcGIS install, deleted Normal.mxt, etc., but it has made no difference.


My colleague can publish the GP service without a problem, and I have tried more than one script, so it is not restricted to just one toolbox.


It seems like a similar problem toUnable to publish python script as geoprocessing service , but that was apparently fixed at 10.2.


Does anyone have any more ideas?



Analysis has now finished and I've got this error:

HighUnresolved00178Data: C:\Windows\system32\accessibilitycpl.dll, used by Script TestRaster cannot be copied to the serverTestRasterToolUnknown


That dll is the Microsoft Ease of Access Center - I don't know why the script would be using it! Running the same script on a different machine doesn't give this error.