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Metadata handling in ArcGIS

Question asked by harald.lundgeodata-no-esridist Employee on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by harald.lundgeodata-no-esridist


I'm looking into the Metadata Editor in ArcCatalog. As i can see I will be able to use an ISO 19115 template to create metadata for my data on the database level, dataset level and featureclass level. I'm able to export and import xml. The XML could be translated to ISO 19115 and would probably be able to send this With my data to any Geoportal that supports this format.


So far so good. but still I'm missing some major needs with the ArcGIS platform. How to publish and how to make my metadata searchable.


Now we have ArcGIS Online where you could search for data, but the metadata information that are available for the data in ArcGIS Online do not support ISO 19115 standard nor ISO 19139.


Esri has an open Source Product that is not supported and haven't been changed since 2012 if I'm not mistaking the last modification date.

This is a Product I will not look into for this Project I'm working on. And there are realy no good success stories on this.


ArcIMS Metadata Service!??? Why does this even still exists in the help documentation as an option for Publishing metadata?


Is there any GIS user out there that has any experience how to manage metadata supporting ISO or INSPIRE Directives for shareing data?

More an more data originators is obligated to delivere this, but there is now good solution for this in the ArcGIS platform as far as I can see.


Harald Lund