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Bitmaped Images losing quality or become Hatched on exported PDF maps

Question asked by tkowal on May 5, 2015

We have had a tiresome problem with images placed on our maps.  Occasionally (frequently) some of the images not all become hatched, blurry or unreadable when exported to a PDF from arcGIS.  This occurs when any type of bitmap image is used, PNG,GIF,JPG, BMP or  TIF.  This is very random nothing related to size or memory.  Our work around is by trial and error to slightly move one image or slightly rotate one image/re-export to find the "trigger" image that produces this behavior.  (Reason why this is tiresome!)


Has anyone else run across this?  Are there better workarounds or predicting which image will cause the effect?  The only other workaround I have seen is to export the map as a TIF image and convert that into a PDF.  This takes longer than our hunt and peck method and vector quality suffers.


Example of the effect: