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Error 000260 Failed to copy

Question asked by pmoehring on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by STompsett-esristaff

So, about a month ago I started having problems with a python script that I had been running for about a year.  The script runs a model that exports sde data to a file gdb that no one else can get to, so there aren't any locks!  Everything runs fine until I get to the first dataset that has a geometric network.  Now, this dataset has always had a geometric network; so, I don't think this is the issue.  I really miss this script running at night!


A new twist:  this dataset has attachments that are recently new via the ATTACH table.  Of course, once I began using the ATTACH tables for feature classes the sde grew -- almost doubled in size since I first started doing this.


I can manually drag and drop the dataset into the gdb, But this dataset takes a while especially with the specific feature that has the attachments in the ATTACH table.  Once that feature is finished; everything else whizzes by!


I honestly don't know why it started getting this message!  I've read the posts dealing with the Error 000260 and none of them seem to fit my issue.  I found a couple solutions through a Google search but it always scares me when they say I have to download some ... fix!


Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations are welcome.