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Using Point Shapes for asset placement

Question asked by DerekAmel on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by CWilkins-esristaff


I am still learning .cga scripting, and I've found the tutorials pretty useful for mass modeling, but I can't seem to find any references for using point data for asset placement.

I have an area in my map where no footprint data is available, but a .shp of points is available. I also have a library of around 50 residential buildings (.obj).

I would like to use this shapefile data to randomly distribute residential buildings.


Ideally, I'd like to ensure that they are rotated to face the street, but as of right now I can't seem to bring them in in the first place.

Here is what I have currently:


elevation= 0

attr Residential("assets/Buildings/Residential/Residential_*.obj")



Lot -->



ResidentialBuilding -->




I have tried other variations on this, including removing the lot completely (I don't need it- I just thought maybe my asset import needed an area to compare Scope with)


But no matter what I do, I seem to always get the same Mismatched Token error with my i() function.

I am sure there is a simple way to use point features for asset placement. How do I make this work?


Thank you.