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Map Overlays triggering events on MapView below it

Question asked by danielsabourin on May 4, 2015
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I am working on upgrading a Windows Desktop touch application from the WPF 10.2.5 SDK to the .NET 10.2.5 SDK. The upgrade has gone mostly smooth, except for the transition between InfoWindow in WPF to MapOverlay in .NET. I am displaying a UserControl with some buttons and another MapView within a MapOverlay. I am also using the MapViewTap event to hide the MapOverlay if it's open. However, the problem is that the tap event (and some other events) on the MapView are triggered when tapping on the MapOverlay (and then closing it). Panning the MapView inside of the MapOverlay is a nightmare as well. This worked fine with InfoWindows on WPF SDK


Is there anyway to make it so that all of the mouse and touch events are sent to the MapOverlay, and NOT the MapView when the events are ontop of the MapOverlay?