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ArcGIS 10.2 - Trouble to georeferenced an image?

Question asked by Vincenty on May 4, 2015
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I got a shaded-relief image for North America from the USGS but it is not georeferenced.


Attached are the characteristics of the image in ArcCatalog, and the extent was filled-in by the .tfw file I made, as attached.


Looking at the image, I guessed the upper-left corner was long -130 and lat +60. Still according to the image, I found the upper-right corner long -50 and lat +60 while bottom-left long -130 and lat +15


With 9600 columns, the cell size would be: (130-50) / 9600 = 0.008333333°, which is 30''. Looks good


And with 7240 rows, the cell size would be: (60-15) / 7240 = 0.006215469°, whi ch is roughly 22''. Not as good.


Even with a .tfw with these values do not update the Cell Size in the image in ArcCatalog. Why? Usually, it does...

Also, would it be possible to have rectangular pixel? I guess why not...


Does the number of bands, which are 3, change anything in georeferencing the image? How could I convert the image from 3 bands to 1 bamd only?


Thanks for your help