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Linear Stationing on construction plans

Question asked by david.granata_goodyearaz on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by david.granata_goodyearaz

Are there any tools available or created that will do "Linear Stationing" from a construction plan?


Hopefully I can explain it here so it is understandable. Some construction plans will have linear assets, for example sewer manhole locations, identified by using a linear stationing approach.  The street segments involved in the construction project will be identified. A stationing "start" number will be provided as an identified beginning street intersection and then each manhole location is identified as a station distance and offset direction (in feet typically) from that start location.  So you may have street segments that can be thousands of feet long for the total project. The plan "start" street centerline station location may be given as STA 36+00. Typically the linear stationing reference is in 100's of feet.  A manhole location will be identified as [STA 36+79.74, 46.0' RT]. This means starting from STA 36 go 79.74 from station 36 along the street centerline and offset 79.74' to the right in the direction of travel. Each 100' of the street centerline will show the next STA. So, if the next manhole is several hundred feet from the first one it may be identified as [STA 41+72.79, 33.0' LT]. This means starting from STA 41 (which would be 500 feet from the example start of 36+00) go 72.79 feet along the street centerline and offset 33.0' to the left in the direction of travel. And so on, and so forth. This gets more complicated along a curved street centerline.


This lends itself to a great tool that you identify the street centerlines involved, the starting STA number, then input each STA and provide the offset distance and direction and the tool will locate the point for you.


This start and stop location, direction of travel for left/right offset, and does not start from zero is all dynamic to each project.


Any known solutions or recommendation on tools to use to create a workflow to resolve this need?