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ExportMapImage - Highlight Features

Question asked by geoinfonierula on May 3, 2015



I want to select and highlight a feature in an exported Image using the code below:



if (tmpLayerDescr.LayerID == imageContent.ReportingFeatureLayerId)







tmpLayerDescr.SelectionFeatures = new int[] { featureId };



ESRI.ArcGIS.SOAP.RgbColor fillColor = new ESRI.ArcGIS.SOAP.RgbColor();


fillColor.Red = 255


fillColor.Green = 0;


fillColor.Blue = 0;


(tmpLayerDescr.SelectionSymbol as ESRI.ArcGIS.SOAP.FillSymbol).Color = fillColor;



ReportingFeatureLayerId contains a valid ObJID of a MapService Layer...

The image is exported, but nothing is highlighted or rendered in red.


Am I missing something obvious?


Any advice appreceated very much.


Thanks in advance