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What product to use for a public mapping application for various mobile devices?

Question asked by justismi on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by BGrod

My organization is currently in the initial stages of integrating ArcGIS Online with our enterprise GIS.  I understand using AGOL I can make wonderful, user-friendly, web mapping applications with all sorts of templates of which a customer can access via a desktop. 

However, how well does this translate to mobile devices?  I am aware of Collector being the accompanying application to AGOL used on a mobile devices for gathering data, maintaining data, working offline, etc;.  However, is Collector a suitable, user-friendly, eye-friendly, application that allows the customer to view photos, hear audio, and read information much like the they can with a story map in AGOL for example?  If not, what is the application from the ESRI universe that will work?  Or does AGOL web mapping application work just as well on a mobile device in addition to all mobile devices (ios, android, etc;)?


Any responses would be much appreciated.