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Executing WMX Daily for QC

Question asked by abarron289 on May 1, 2015
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I am trying to automate a WMX job to execute every 24 hours. Our process is Windows Task Scheduler will execute a python script to execute a WMX job. We are working with ArGIS Desktop 10.2.2.  From my research, I cannot find any python code examples with how to execute a WMX job. I have found the tools listed below but none of them seem to be able to execute a job. So if there is no way to necessarily excute a job, is there a way I can configure settings in WMX to execute ever 24 hours? Whats the most efficient way? Thank you.



Clear Job Replication Information
Export Job Data
Get Job AOI
Get Job Data Workspace
Get Job Parent Version
Get Job Version
Import Job Data
Post Job Version
Replicate Job Data

Synchronize Job Data