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Broken data links after publishing as geoprocessing service

Question asked by gregoryM679 on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by gregoryM679

I am in the process of developing a tool as a Python Toolbox to be published as a Geoprocessing Service using ArcGIS for Server 10.3.


After publishing and running my tool from a sandbox environment I am encountering broken links between the two .lyr files set as the output parameters in and the two Feature Classes that serve as their Data Sources.


Investigation into the issue seems to indicate that the link between .lyr file and Feature Class, made as the final step in the Toolbox using the following method...

g_ESRI_variable_3 = os.path.join(arcpy.env.packageWorkspace,u'tooldata') #one of many variables automatically created after publishing to server


toolDataPath = g_ESRI_variable_3
gdbpath = os.path.join(toolDataPath, "data.gdb")   # base staging data used every time the rool is executed
arcpy.env.scratchWorkspace = '\\\\aus1-gds-darc01/data-store/ToolData/scratch/scratch.gdb'  
env.workspace = arcpy.env.packageWorkspace
scratch = env.scratchGDB
scratchfolder = env.scratchFolder


# replace datasources of .lyr files to link with respective feature classes
lyr1 = arcpy.mapping.Layer(outlayerfileL) = "legend" + nowstring
lyr1.replaceDataSource(scratch, 'FILEGDB_WORKSPACE', "legend" + nowstring, True)        


... is not kept once the output data is copied from Server's pre-designated scratch location to the location where outputs from processed jobs are kept.


TOC.png MMAP_tree.png


There are no other errors in running the tool nor does it fail unless the subset of data attempted is too large.  The data source link can be repaired  manually after running using the typical methods.  This problem does not occur when the Python Toolbox is run locally.  Is there anything I can do to the code published to server that can fix this?  I'm hesitant to attempt to do so.


Thank you in advance for any advice.