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When Closing a Dojox Floating Pane - How to Reopen?

Question asked by ipeebles on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by kenbuja

Hello everyone!  I am currently have an application that uses floating panes.  I have a main toolbar that contains the tool icons.  When a button is clicked, the floating pane will appear with the tool.  However, when I close the floating pane, then click on the button to re-activate, the floating pane will not re-appear.  I have read that closing the floating pane destroys the open.  Has anyone come up with the solution, so that each time you close the floating pane, you can re-open by clicking on the button?  The code I have is simple, both the JavaScript and HTML which is posted below.  What modifications do I need to make?  I appreciate any feedback.  Thank you.


Here is an example for a measuring tool:


JavaScript Code

// Hide Measuring Tool Floating Pane on Load

domStyle.set("measuringToolFloatingPanePick", "visibility", "hidden");


// Measuring Tool activate Floating Pane on Click

registry.byId("measuringToolButton").on("click", function () {




// Open Measuring Tool using Floating Pane Function

   function openMeasuringToolFloatingPane(paneId) {

      var mtfp = registry.byId(paneId);;



// Measuring Tool

var measurementWidget = new Measurement({

   map: map,

   defaultAreaUnit: esri.Units.SQUARE_FEET,

   defaultLengthUnit: esri.Units.FEET

}, dom.byId("measurementDIV"));





<!-- Measuring - Measuring Tool -->

   <div id="measuringFrame">

      <div data-dojo-type="dijit/form/Button" id="measuringToolButton" title="Measuring" data-dojo-props="iconClass:'measuringIcon'"></div>




Here is how my floating pane appears.  It appears when clicking on the icon (within the red square).  When I close, then try to won't.