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Layer "2014...": Unable to Connect to Server at

Question asked by GISRquan on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2015 by GISRquan

I am trying to download web maps from ArcGIS Online through the ArcMap for Desktop interface; File > ArcGIS Online.

I was able to download the web map from

National Geographic, and

esri_atlas - A Practical Measure of Urban Density,

Boston ParkScore by UOdocent,

Denver 1879 by DavidRumseyMaps,


but not the

2014 Health Care Spending in the United States by Esri. I get the error;

Layer "2014 USA Health Insurance Spending ". Unable to connect to map server at

It does bring down the Reference and the Basemap but not the data layer.

I get the same response from all esri web maps.


Any ideas?