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Web app builder - related tables errrors

Question asked by smcshinsky Champion on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by smcshinsky

I created a fresh map on WAB Dev 1.1 and I added a map service that I configured in AGOL that has a related table with it. It works as expected but for one minor issue. When I click on a point and the popup appears I get the link at the bottom to see related records. The problem is when I click on the link before opening the attribute table first. I get errors in the console (see attachment) that correspond to getting related records. And there is no tab in the attribute table for the related records until i click the link again and then it works fine. When I open the attribute table first then click the link to get the related records then I get no error. It almost looks like it is trying to fetch the related records before the attribute table widget it created.


Thanks for any help