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Python point neighbor processing ideas?

Question asked by clintoncooper on Apr 30, 2015
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I know a bit about python scripting, but am having some trouble figuring out where to get started on creating a script.


I need to loop down through a dataset (about 10,000 records), and select all points within a certain distance of the current point in the loop (it doesn't have to be a selection, but it must be within a spatial distance of the current point I just figured a selection would be good because it would limit the number of points that are queried).  After I create the selection of points,I need to count the number of points that satisfy 2 criteria:  1) have a value in another field 1 that is the same as the value in of the current point's field 1; 2) have values in field 2 that are greater than the current point's field 2.  I also have to do anther count that has the same above criteria of 1), but instead of greater than, I need to count those that are less than the current point's value in field 2.   I then need to print those counts (both greater than and less than) as well as the current point's  id  so I can go back and put them in another table for analysis.


I guess I would kind of be looking for an outline or some code that might be able to help get me started writing it.  Thanks!


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