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Batch point generation not working

Question asked by JanStanMan on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by JanStanMan

I've been trying to map out a watershed for an area and I'm almost done, but the BPG button for ArcHydro (the little yellow X) isn't working properly. Apparently when I use it and click on a location a window is supposed to pop up that is supposed to create the batch point layer and where I'm supposed to name it "BatchPoint" followed by a second window where I name the actual point and put a description.  But currently when I click on a location it skips the first window entirely and just goes to the name/description window.  The "BatchPoint" layer doesn't seem to exist at all because I don't see it as a selectable file, nor can I find it anywhere else. Filling out the name/description window seems to do absolutely nothing. Is there something wrong with my installation or some other problem I don't know about?


Thanks in advance.